The ezine for people with progressive MS

Issue 37, May - June 2021


Hello and welcome to the latest edition of my ezine about progressive MS and MS progression in general. I am Ian Cook a secondary progressive MSer and journalist from Birmingham, UK.

                                       In this issue are six pages of important prog-MS news stories. There are also two features. One on Page 5 is about new research showing yet more links between HIV medications and improvements in patients' MS. There's also a feature on Alpha Lipoic Acid, a supplement that has been proven to improve symptoms of progressive MS and which I and others take. See Page 10 for details.

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Research shows neuroprotective effect of alpha-lipoic acid in secondary progressive MS - Page 10

Several existing drugs to be tested to treat worsening MS - Page 2

More links between HIV drugs and MS symptom relief - Page 3

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