The ezine for people with progressive MS

Issue 28, November - December 2019


Hello and welcome to the latest edition of my ezine about progressive MS and MS progression in general. I am Ian Cook a secondary progressive MSer and journalist from Birmingham, UK.

                                       In this issue are seven pages of important prog-MS news stories plus two features about issues that matter to prog-MSers. In the first feature (Page 5) I look at FES (functional electrical stimulation) and why I have given up using my FES device. The second feature looks at ageing and MS and its implications - something that is of particular interest to me now I have reached the grand age of 61.  See page 10.

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At 61 am I now too old for new MS treatments?    - Page 10

Siponimod Reduces Risk of SPMSers needing wheelchairs - Page 4

Diabetes drug offers hope for treating MS progression - Page 2

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