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The ezine for people with progressive MS

Issue 50, September - October 2023


Hello and welcome to the 50th edition of my ezine about progressive Multiple Sclerosis and MS progression in general. My name is Ian Cook. I'm a secondary progressive MSer from Birmingham, UK. I'm 65.

                                       In this 50th issue, yes it's eight years after I started in 2015, there are, as usual, eight pages of prog-MS news stories. There are also two features. One on Page 5 is about cows and MS and this one isn't just about milk.

There's another feature about how MS can affect your relationships. As a newly single man and a repeated failure at finding success in relationships this is sadly a subject I am well qualified to talk about. See Page 10 for further details.

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Picture below of cows - Alaina McLearnon, unsplash.




Beef and MS - Is there 'food for thought?'

- See Page 5

Preventative EBV vaccine could potentially treat MS - Page 2

Vitamin D supplement reduces prog-MS disease in animals - Page 3

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