The ezine for people with progressive MS

Issue 41, January - February 2022


Hello and welcome to the later than usual edition of my ezine about progressive MS and MS progression in general. My name is Ian Cook. I'm a secondary progressive MSer from Birmingham, UK. I'm 63.

                                       In this issue are seven pages of prog-MS news stories. There are also two features. One on Page 5 is about the vein theory of MS - something which we all thought was dead and buried with the demise of CCSVI. Not so, it appears.


There's also a feature on the International MS Alliance's view of where prog-MS research is going. See Page 10 for details.

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Top scientist asks if 'vein theory' of MS deserves a second chance?

See Page 5

Prog MSers sought for London based drug study - Page 2

AB Science to start Masitinib Phase 3 Trial for Prog-MS - Page 7

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