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My name is Ian Cook. I am a journalist and ex-BBC producer  who has secondary progressive MS and I am a member of the Birmingham branch of the MS Society.


I am starting a free e-magazine for people with progressive MS. The present plan is to have a new edition  every two months.


The e-magazine contains news (mainly about research for new treatments for progressive MS)  as well as my tips on how I  manage  my progressive MS , based on things I do to help myself.


At present there is no funding for this – to be honest the only cost is my time.  I would hope, if the project was successful, to fund it through small  voluntary donations from those who support this idea  and in the longer  term possibly  carry advertisements for products and services aimed at people with progressive MS.  


I appreciate that you know nothing about me so I thought it might be helpful if I gave you some biographical details about myself. I was diagnosed with MS in 1993, became progressive in 2008 and I now walk with a stick. I also self catheterise. I am not on any DMDs but take Baclofen & Clonazepam for spasms and spasticity and I take Simvastatin as an MS treatment 


I worked at the BBC in London until 2002 as a producer in health and consumer programmes and since that time have worked from home as a freelance journalist, mainly for health magazines and websites. I have written for the Guardian newspaper and the BBC’s disability website called Ouch. If you google “ian cook multiple sclerosis” you will see some of the things I have written over the years.


If you want any further information please get in touch 



Best wishes


Ian Cook 

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